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Australian Fluid Power Society

The Australian Fluid Power Society Inc. (AFPS) was registered as an incorporated Association in Victoria, Australia, on December 4, 2014 and the first meeting was held on January 27, 2015. The establishment of AFPS resulted from the The International Fluid Power Society of Australia (IFPSA), based in Western Australia, and Fluid Power Society Inc. (FPS Inc), based in Victoria, Australia, working together after the need for a national Australian fluid power Society was recognised by both organisations in 2013. At the incorporation of AFPS, The IFPSA and FPS Inc underwent name changes to Fluid Power Society (WA) Inc. (FPSWA)and Fluid Power Society (Vic) Inc. (FPSVic) respectively.

The membership of AFPS is made up of three people from FPSWA and three people from FPSVic with the President and Vice-President of each being automatic appointments to the AFPS Executive Committee. The remaining two members are appointed on the basis of one nomination from FPSWA and one from FPSVic.

The affiliation which the former IFPSA had established in 2006 with the U.S.-based International Fluid Power Society (IFPS) was passed on to AFPS at the first AFPS meeting in order that the extensive training and certification programs developed by the IFPS can be made available to the members of FPSWA and FPSVic and all other fluid power Societies which become established in Australia in the future and choose to affiliate with the AFPS.

The aims and objectives of the AFPS are to:

  • Advance the growth of fluid power technology.
  • Foster activities aiding the development and application of fluid power technology.
  • Share information, ideas and techniques relating to fluid power technology.
  • Advance the knowledge and skills of people working in the fluid power industry.

Membership of the AFPS through affiliated Societies encompasses all fields of engineering and provides a forum for the free exchange of ideas and creative thinking.

The membership of AFPS-affiliated Societies encompasses people from a broad spectrum of general industry such as fluid power equipment and component manufacturers, engineering consultants, system designers and manufacturers, equipment service and installation companies and fluid power trainers. Also included are technicians, educators and specialist technologists as well as manufacturing, service, marketing and management personnel.

What is Fluid Power? Please click on this link to download career opportunity video. Plus click on this link to view an informative video on what impact Fluid Power has on everyday life.

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