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Fluid Talk Newsletters

The Society produces a regular newsletter "Fluid Talk" that is distributed to all members and interested persons. Just click on the date link to down load a copy. For your interest the AFPS AGM Minutes are at the bottom of this page.

News 2017

Dec 2017

President's Prologue,Hydraulic Power Unit Design Considerations, FPSWA Society Page,FPSNSW Society Page, K-One FPSWA Ambrose Golf Day.

Aug 2017 President's Prologue,Society Page WA & Vic,What's In A Name,For Starters Look To Hydraulics, What Ever Happened To Quality Assurance? Demistifying Hysterisis With Solenoid Control,Products & Game Changing Engineering For Fluid Power Pros. Radio Controlled Hydraulic System In Mobile Applications,Does Fluid Power Have A Gender Issue?
Apl 2017 President's Prologue,Society Page WA & NSW,All Our Yesterdays,Conexpo/NFPA Conference Report,Is Fluid Power Missing The Boat? True Costs Of Compressed Air.
Mar 2017 Presentations from the 2017 Conexpo/NFPA Conference Las Vegas USA.

News 2016

Dec 2016 President's Prologue,Society Pages WA & NSW,Innovation Is The Key To Progress,FPSWA Golf Day 2016,Watts It All About,Fluid Power In The Entertainment Industry.
Nov 2016 President's Prologue, What Are The Minimum Education Standards For Our Industry,Hydraulic Stroke Sensors,Improved Load Sensing Systems,Our Industry Requires More Female Engineers. Society Pages Vic & WA
Jul 2016 President's Prologue,What's The Difference Between Servo & Proportional Valves,Society Pages Vic & WA, Is Training A Cost Or Benefit?
Apl 2016 President's Prologue,Society Pages Vic & WA,Capabilities Of Modern Hydraulics, Machine Trouble-Shooting, Beating The Heat

News 2015

Dec 2015 President's Prologue,The Decline Of Skills Training Systems,Simulating a Piezoelectric-Actuated Hydraulic Pump Design,Society Page - Western Australia,Carnegie Wave Energy Educational Tour,Testing time
Sep 2015 President's Prologue, Hydraulic Safety Awareness Training, Thinking Hat,Innovative App From Bosch, Re-establishing Australia's Fluid Power Future, A Move Beyond Competence.
Apl 2015 President's Prologue, Fluid Power Quiz, Women In The Fluid Power Industry, PM&C's 30th Birthday Celebrations, Heat Exchangers In Waste Water Management
Jun 2015 President's Prologue,3-D Printing Of Hydraulic Components,Vic Society News,WA Society News,Selecting Environmentally Friendly Hydraulic Fluids,Is Fluid Power Missing The Boat?

News 2014

Feb 2014 President's Prologue,Vale - Robert Cloud Womack, Education In Our Industry, Perfect Reliability
Mar 2014 President's Prologue, Viva Las Vegas
Apr 2014 President's Prologue,Heat Exchanger Article, All Our Yesterdays
May 2014 Fluid Power Professionals Day Flyer
Jun 2014 President's prologue,All Our Yesterdays, Thinking Cap,Determining Root Causes
Jul 2014 2014 AGM & Dinner Flyer

News 2013

Jul 2013 Fluid Power Licensing, Training Courses, AGM Notification
Aug 2013 Austal Site Visit, FPSA Discussions, Challenger MoU,
Sept 2013 AGM Dinner
Sept 2013 Golf Golf Day 2012 Report, Results & Photos
Oct 2013 National Body Progress, Symbol Chart, Mechatronics.
Nov 2013 National Body Progress, MDG41 Guideline Progress, Thinking Hat.
Dec 2013 2013 Golf Day Results & Photos, President's Christmas Greeting

News 2012

Jun 2012 Annual Golf Day,Certification,Fluid Injection Injuries,Fluid Power Training.
Dec 2012 Efficient Fluid Power Systems Are Your Responsibility,Old Technology Meets New, Understanding Rotary Flow Dividers.

News 2011

May 2011 Annual Golf Day,The Grey Areas, Apprentices, Trainees & Cadets, Working past 65.
May 2011 IFPE 2011 Summit Conference,Let's Get Qualified,World Changing Force,Online Training.

News 2010

Jan 2010 Annual Golf Day,Developing Your Employees,Fluid Power Advances Over The Decades.
May 2010 Big Boys Toys,The Lethal Strike Seminar,Testing Time.
Dec 2010 IFPS 50th Anniversary,Something For Nothing,Is The Piece Of Paper Required.

News 2009

Apr 2009 The Future of Vocational Training, Lloyds Register Type Approvals, Mech Design Guide MDG41 Explained.
Oct 2009 Carnegie Corp Site Visit, Opportunities For Females In Fluid Power.

News 2008

Apr 2008 Seawater Desalination Project, Aircraft Structural Testing.
August 2008 Hydac Seminar, What Price Fluid Power?, Effects of Fluid Injection Injuries.
Dec 2008 Annual Golf Day,Decline Of The Skills Training System,Fluid Power-The Next Ten Years.

News 2007

Mar 2007 Visit To Geographe Energy, Chinese Fluid Power Companies, Hybrid Vehicle Technology.
July 2007 First Registered HPHA Hose Assembler, Visit To Wesbeam, Vale Alan Stockdale, Response From Parker Hannifin.
Oct 2007 Annual Golf Day, Fluid Power Training, Pipe Line ROV Visit.

News 2006

Jan 2006 Olaer Fawcett Christie Technical Presentation, Do You Have Protection, Hydraulic Oil The New Asbestos.
May 2006 Waste Processing Site Visit, Compressed Air The True Costs, New Fluid Power Industry Classification Code.
Sep 2006 Golf Day, Fluid Power Expo, Industry Training, Testing Time.

News 2005

Mar 2005 Visit To Westrac, Selecting Environmentally Friendly Fluids, Worldskills Competition.
Jun 2005 Technical Evening At Transeals, Storing Hydraulic Energy, Moog DIN Electronic Modules.
Sep 2005 AGM Report, Golf Day Reflections, What Happened To Quality Assurance?

News 2004

Apr 2004 Tech Night At Mining and Hydraulics, More Changes In The Wind For Assessors And Work Place Trainers, Fluid Power And Related Industry Forum.
Jul 2004 Tech Night At Pressure Dynamics, Bosch Rexroth Big Boys Toys, Web Site Update.
Oct 2004 Fluid Power Society Annual Golf Day, The Evolution Of The Gear Pump, Christmas Party.
Dec 2004 Visit To Fraser Diving International, Filtration Overview, Technical Training.

News 2003

Mar 2003 International Conference On Computational Methods, In Step With Quick Step, High Pressure Hose Project.
Aug 2003 The Society's Night Of Nights, Permco Displays New Roller Bearing, A Blast from the Past.
Oct 2003 Annual Golf Day, World Skills, Visit To Australia Post.
Dec 2003 New Memorandum Of Understanding, World Skills Winners, Christmas Aboard the Paddle Steamer Decoy.

News 2002

Apr 2002 Industrial Evening at E-Central, Transeals Seal Maker System.
Sep 2002 A Fond Farewell, Annual Golf Day, The Fluid Power Society Tours The West Australian.
Dec 2002 Evening at K-One Fluid Power, Christmas Aboard the Decoy, Annual Golf Day.

News 2001

Jun 2001 Fluid Power Award Winner, Just Who Is The Metals Consortium, Big Win for Fluid Power Society Partner.
Sep 2001 Fluid Power AGM, Tunnel Vision, Fluid Power Websites.
Dec 2001 Golf Day Awards, Hydraulic Systems Point Of Failure Monitoring and Analysis.

News 2000

Oct 2000 Annual Golf Day, Safety-FPS View Point, Apprentice Training.


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