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Fluid Power Industry Licensing

For many years our industry has been undermined by unqualified people posing as reputable fluid power practitioners only to leave workplaces in a dangerous predicament and/or customers dissatisfied. To rectify this situation the AFPS is organising a petition to government for fluid power practitioners to be licensed in accordance with similar leglisation to that governing Electricians and Plumbers. FPSWA members, if you wish to support our petition please click on the link Licensing Petition, fill in the details and post it to address on the letter. Other State Members who wish to participitate need to modify their petition letter accordingly.The AFPS would appreciate a copy of your petition letter emailed to

Why Become Certified?

Associations around the world use professional certification to recognise individuals for their dedication to a chosen career and ability to perform in accordance with set standards. Ask a certified professional “why”? and they will tell you that the certification process is one of the single most important steps you can make in developing your career. Our research has indicated the following reasons why you should consider professional fluid power certification as part of your career development strategy.

The AFPS has established a certification program to distinguish those who have reached an established degree and scope of knowledge in the fluid power field. This program will formally recognise the credibility and professionalism of fluid power specialists in the fields of systems engineering, sales and marketing, component service and installation, management and high pressure hose assembly.

The AFPS has a High Pressure Hose Assemblers (HPHA) Certificate Programme designed to ensure assemblers of high pressure hose assemblies are certified to a nationally accredited standard. Click on the following links to view the AFPS High Pressure Hose Certification & Registration Procedures and HPHA Certificate Graduates.

Our parent body The International Fluid Power Society has a comprehensive programme designed to accommodate the certification requirements for all Fluid Power disciplines. Click on the following link to view the IFPS Certification Programme

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